Junior Software Developer



✔ Python, Golang, C/C++, JS/TS and Swift in the order of confidence.

☁️ AWS/Docker/k8s/Pulumi + Server/Network/Linux = DevOps

➕ Always looking for something to learn


  • Embedded SW for inertial navigation system
  • Autonomous vehicle, ADAS
  • Saas based on AWS
  • Automation

Check out my profile at Github
  • tgug : Automatic image uploader for Typora compatible with Ghost blog platform
  • notion2gatsby : Build a static website from any notion pages
  • buzzi_store : React & Material UI, Python crawler, and Github Pages
  • upenn-musicbot : Have control of common playlist via Slack commands
  • Also, I am an Open Source Contributor
    • MailSpring
    • Pulumi
    • PulumiTV